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About Us

Perth Coffee Roasters is a family-owned, family-run business established in Perth in 2012. Entrepreneurial small business owners (and committed coffee drinkers) Jill and John Raynor stepped up from cafe owners to suppliers to open the business, which is committed to providing customers with high-quality coffee, guaranteed supply, and impeccable customer service.

John Raynor
Master roaster, family patriarch and West Coast Eagles fanatic, John manages both the business side of our operations and the daily roasting. Early every morning John roasts small, quality blends of Perth Coffee Roasters beans in our Osborne Park roasting facility, then has a halftime coffee with Jill before working the rest of the day in the warehouse. John is also responsible for managing the 3:35pm school pickup.

Jill Raynor
Operations guru, diplomat and catering star, Jill manages the day-to-day running of both the business and the family. Jill spends her days in the warehouse, talking to clients and suppliers (and the neighbours, and John, and anyone who will listen) and managing client orders. Jill often provides morning tea for the Perth Coffee Roasters crew – she makes a great blueberry muffin.

The Girls – Emily, Sophie, Bonnie, Molly
Jill and John’s four daughters are all involved in some way in the running of the business – answering the phone, bagging the coffee, packing the orders, barista training, updating the website, drinking the coffee (call it quality testing), contacting suppliers, developing products, and generally hanging around at the warehouse, which is less than a kilometre from their Wembley home.

Mack Cairns
It takes a very special person to willingly join the Raynor clan (the rest of us had no choice!) – and that person is Assistant Warehouse Manager and co-Roaster Mack Cairns. A de facto family member and the son John and Jill never had, Mack spends his day looking after our customers, organising the beans and the warehouse, listening to Jill and making the best coffees in Perth. Mack also leads our Barista Training courses. Passionate about coffee and about Perth Coffee Roasters, Mack is a welcome member of our team and of our family.

Photo of John Raynor